Refund Policy

GeeklyLab connects Students and Geeks (other students, educators and learning enthusiasts) in order to facilitate collaboration between Users that may result in provision of digital goods and services that include but are not limited to Lesson Services or provision of editing services.

In case when the delivered service or digital good does not match initial requirements and the Student decides to request a refund, the Student should do one of the following:

The Student is allowed to request a refund no later than 60 days after their request was processed and completed. When contacting GeeklyLab, the Student should inform about the issue with their digital good or service thoroughly and include request number in their message for faster resolution.

GeeklyLab will respond to Student’s request ASAP. GeeklyLab may require up to 5-7 business days to conduct a thorough review and investigation of the case and offer appropriate solutions in the best interest of the Student.

Upon mutual agreement, GeeklyLab is obliged to either find a different provider of services and complete the request again without additional charges or fees, or fully refund the deposit made by the User to user’s card or another payment method or Account Balance.

  • If the agreement is reached to find a different service provider, GeeklyLab requires up to 24 hours for such replacement;
  • If the agreement is reached to refund the payment to GeeklyLab account balance, GeeklyLab will deposit the funds immediately. GeeklyLab account balance is non-refundable and can only be used as currency to pay for GeeklyLab services;
  • If the agreement is reached to complete a refund to Student’s card or another payment method, it may take up to 3-5 business days before the funds are returned to the Student. This depends on the Student’s bank and payment processor’s policies and cannot be influenced by GeeklyLab directly.

Geek charges are non-refundable unless a technical failure was recognized to result in non-provision of requested service from Geekly Lab. In this case, Geekly Lab is obliged to fully refund payment for the service to the Tutor’s card or PayPal (whichever method was used during payment).

How it works
  • 1

    Post your project

  • 2

    Request help, and get
    connected to the right Geek

  • 3

    Prepay 30%.
    Pay the rest when finished.

  • 4

    Team up and excel
    in your studies!

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