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Here's what others say

  • I enjoy working with students: helping them understand and properly analyze works of prominent sociologists and then link their works to real life makes me feel so happy! I mostly write lectures and help students express themselves in various sociology projects.

    Geekly Lab Geek Travis

    Travis K.

    Graduated from Brown

  • American History is the love of my life! I help students read history critically, evaluate their research studies, help them express and polish their ideas. They all have great ideas. My goal is to help them make their ideas sharper and analyze complex issues better.

    Geekly Lab Melinda

    Melinda K.

    Graduated from UPenn

  • Mostly students struggle with projects that require data analysis. I point them to correct data sources and explain how to analyze data to get statistically significant results. It is important to understand that economics is a data-driven science. I love helping students see the big picture behind everyday things.

    Geekly Lab Gemma

    Gemma D.

    Graduated from UMichigan

  • Students find it hard to understand probability. I help them nail down problem sets. I don’t simply tell the solution to the student or point her to a method in her book: I explain carefully why this particular method would work and how the problem should be approached.

    Geekly Lab Anthony

    Anthony C.

    Graduated from Iowa State

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