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Challenge a Geek with any study-related project as long as it does not violate any college or university policy.

Here’s how Geeks help students at Geekly Lab:

  • We cover 350+ courses

    Including English, History, Management, Sociology, Literature and even Leadership.

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    Know your Geek, share notes and textbooks, and much more!

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Our prices
Free sign up. Free planning and scheduling. Free messaging.

You pay only when you choose to share your task with a Geek. The Geek charges for the amount and time of her work. Our platform 15% charge is already included in the fee you pay.


You don't have to pre-pay the full amount. Start exploring today and pre-pay only 30%!
Pay the remaining 70% when you're done working with your Geek!

Share your task. Connect to the right Geek on time.
Pre-pay only 30% for the help you need!


  • How much does it cost?

    The Geekly Lab platform and its functionality (including scheduling and planning your work) is completely free. However, you have to pay when you want to share your project with a Geek.

  • Do I have to pay the full amount at once?

    You can either prepay 30% for the Geek’s services and pay the remaining 70% when you’re done working or you can pre-pay the full amount from the start.

  • Can my Geek write my paper for me?

    We prohibit our Geeks to engage in any activity that may facilitate academic dishonesty. So, a Geek would not agree to write a paper for you. Instead, she can help you find books or articles you might want to check out before completing it on your own.

  • Name your project to begin working

  • Tell us what course you are taking

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